head over heels Broadway tickets

Head Over Heels Broadway Tickets

The Go-Go’s musical”Head Over Heels” has reserved a Broadway opening this summer, lining up the Hudson Theater to get a run that starts previews at June.

Already place for a pre-Broadway participation at San Francisco’s Curran Theater,”Head Over Heels” utilizes the strikes of this all-female ring the Go-Go’s to inform a fanciful narrative set in the Elizabethan era about a royal household and an oracular prediction of sin. Songs at the score such as”We Got the Beat,””Holiday” and”Our Lips Our Sealed,” and”Mad About You” and”Heaven is a Place on Earth,” just two of ring member Belinda Carlyle’s solo hits.

The job has picked up some buzz as a result of the allure of this group’s well-known music — and of course that the attachment of Gwyneth Paltrow, who’s a part of the creating team. Additionally stirring up excitement is the pedigree of a creative team that includes director Michael Mayer (“Hedwig and the Angry Inch,””Spring Awakening”) plus a range of those artists which were involved from the Tony-winning revival of”Hedwig.”

Before going into New York,”Head Over Heels” is performing a four-week warmup in San Francisco’s Curran theater and undergoing tightening and tweaks before its July 26 opening in the Hudson Theatre on Broadway. Three of those five Go-Go’s walked the red carpet at its West Coast premiere in April and then cheered in the crowd together with the series’s A-list backers, such as manufacturers Gwyneth Paltrow and Donovan Leitch.

Lead singer Belinda Carlisle, who’s residing in Bangkok, did not create the gentle opening but Equipped with the group in January at New York since the team performed its first series in six decades and announced the musical.

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